Silver Level Discount Package

Silver Level Discount Package

The Silver discount entitles the customer to 25 hours of Simulator usage time for a one off payment of £350 which is a 30% discount against our standard hourly booking rate, what’s more is that any additional players who you want to bring with you will also avail of the discounted rate with a £3.50 fee per each additional player instead of the standard rate of £5 per person.

We are currently working on a priority booking systems for discount package holders so that they will be able to book timeslots that before anyone else with the standard booking system going to be open for 2 weeks ahead the silver level customer will be able to book 5 weeks in advance, until such times as this system is complete you can simply ring a member of the team at Swingtown Golf and we will be happy to assist you in booking well in advance if required.


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